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The definitive experience for the launch of your dream Yacht.


With the “Extraordinary Delivery Programme” you can profit from Le’Mon Group’s undisputed knowledge and its worldwide network by taking delivery of your yacht, fully commissioned, just about anywhere you desire and commence your life on board your new yacht with exceptional style.


Not just a delivery a lifelong memory.


We strive to make the delivery special no matter what your dream is.


Imagine spending the first voyage on board your new yacht cruising the Côte d’Azur from Monaco to Saint Tropez, or staring off from Paradise Island and exploring the Bahamas, maybe a month descending the east coast from New York to Miami, perhaps navigating the enchanting islands of Greece or sailing the nightlife of Ibiza and Mallorca.


Imagine enjoying your dream yacht in winter in the tropical waters of the Caribbean.


No matter what your dream, your new yacht will be waiting for you at your chosen location where our staff will train and prepare you for your adventures.

If you prefer we can even provide a sailor or crew with local knowledge to assist you.


At the end of your vacation just drop off your yacht with us and we will arrange for its preparation and transport to your final port of call.


The “Extraordinary Delivery Programme” just another way Le’Mon Group makes your yachting experience unique.

For inquiries, locations and pricing please email or call us.

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