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At LE'MON GROUP, we believe our work does not end when we hand you the keys to your yacht, far from!

We understand that a yacht can be demanding work and you may need additional help or services to simplify your life.


Treat yourself to an easier life


A service offered by LE'MON GROUP to its customers to allow them to fully enjoy their yacht without a second thought as well as help to them save money at the same time!



We offer a support service and yacht management able to support all the owners needs guaranteeing carefree use of his yacht.


  •       Management

  •       Warranty issues

  •       Administration and registration

  •       Mooring - purchase or rental

  •       Insurance

  •       Reservations for anchoring and mooring

  •       Yacht supplies and chandlery

  •       Bedding and custom furnishings

  •       Maintenance, repair, management and yacht monitoring

  •       Crew




Due to its international market presence and clientele as well as an up to date knowledge of the benefits and constraints of different registration options now available for Yachts, LE'MON GROUP is be able to provide advice and assist their clients in registering the yacht with the best solutions, economically and legally based on the individual clients requirements and citizenship.




With a considerable yacht sales volume and an Internationally professional presence, LE’MON GROUP aids its customers in their search to purchase, sell or lease berths.

We can find the ideal place based on the wishes of the customers, as well as providing a new service we have developed:


It is possible to optimize the cost of a mooring by looking for places in better protected ports, with a better technical services but especially more economical when the yacht is off season.

LE’MON GROUP offers its customers a unique service whereby we deliver their vessel, ready to start the cruise, in any port required by the owner, for example close to an airport, another marina, Adriatic sea, etc.

At the end of their cruise we will "pick up" and take care of the boat where it is and return it to its home port.




Available for new vessels or recent pre-owned boats, LOA, Lease with Purchase Option (Leasing) allows owners to benefit from real tax benefits and a reduced VAT rate of up to 50%, over the term of 36 to 180 months with a deposit of 35% to 55%.

Thanks to our financial partners we offer competitive financing solutions, credit or boat LOA, and insurance for individuals.

French or Italian lease option is a real opportunity to acquire a boat while saving money.


Other solutions, better suited for pre-owned boats and for large vessels, is to finance the purchase of the yacht chosing a maritime mortgage.

This allows owners to maintain liquid assets and to ensure that the initial investment will not become a burden by blocking funds.

Whatever your requirements, our finance specialists network will be able to maximize your investment, both financially and fiscally depending on your personal situation.




As with any significant assets, it is important to fully cover the investment.

It is therefore imperative that the yacht, is covered by a fully comprehensive insurance, specially designed, covering all maritime and operational risks.

With our professional insurance partners we offer services that cover all aspects of yacht coverage, management and administration. We tailor the policies for each yacht coupled to their experiences to assist our clients in the right specialized insurance cover.



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